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You can also customize which icons appear in the carousel.

And there’s a new password lock function that secures the device so kids and others can’t easily purchase items from your Kindle Fire.

If you're not sure which Kindle you're using, visit Amazon's help page here to see some distinguishing features of each model.

And if you're not sure which version of the software it's running, you should check the following: Kindle fifth-generation/Kindle Keyboard: Press the Menu button on the home screen and select Settings.

The latest "critical" software update for the Kindle needs to be installed by 22 March.

If users don't update in time, they'll get an error message when they switch their devices on and will be unable to connect to the internet, preventing them from syncing their Kindles or downloading any new books.

That’s why it is vital to update your Kindle Voyage as soon as the latest updates become available.

Here's how to update Kindle, which will stop working as intended if you don't update before 22 March 2016. In order to continue being able to download e-books and using other Kindle services, a critical update has been issued by Amazon for Kindle e-readers sold before 2014.

How to determine the current software version You can determine the current software version on your Kindle Voyage by following these steps: How to check the update on your Kindle Voyage Once the update is completed, you can check whether your Kindle Voyage is successfully updated – or not.

Users of older Kindle e-readers are being told to update their devices as soon as possible or face being locked out from the internet.

The softare version will be displayed at the bottom of the page Even if your device is already running the correct software version, users of the second-generation Kindle (2009) and second-generation Kindle DX (2009) will also need to connect to the internet using 2G/3G on the device if they haven't done so since 5 October 2015.

And those using a third-gen If you are running older software, see below for instructions on how to update your Kindle.

Using Amazon’s App Store on the Kindle, search for “file explorer” to see what third-party apps might help in this situation.

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