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Fry has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and he opens up about his day-to-day life in a new movie for mental health initiative Heads Together, a project backed by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and stars like Andrew Flintoff.Related: Stephen Fry To Marry His 30-Years Younger Boyfriend Directed by comedian Simon Amstell, the movie features Stephen talking to his psychiatrist Bill about his various mental health issues, including his attempted suicide in 2012.The whole place looks like a movie set for an Ivory-Merchant film of genteel by-gone Latin American life.Thousands of tourists come and go each year and many fall in love with the city and stay to earn a livelihood.(See other story: Guatemala City has gay numerous saunas and bars as well as an LGBT activist organization called Oasis.) There is virtually no LGBT discrimination here in hotels, markets, restaurants or public venues.The place could be called ‘gay light’ since there is no active ‘scene’.Here are some of the LGBT folks who are happily living and working in Antigua.

At the core is Central Park with its dribbling mermaid fountain surrounded by palatial arcaded buildings, a downsized wedding-cake cathedral and horse-drawn carriage taxis.

Instead, woven into the fabric of Antigua life are several LGBT gay-owned restaurants/bars/cafes where there are occasional LGBT nights, one in (lesbian owned) Frida’s bar/restaurant (last Saturday of each month) and certain nights at Ricky’s bar a block away.

Casbah disco is known as gay friendly all the time.

Religion is not a divisive issue for them since neither of them follow any denomination closely.

Bismarck was raised as a Catholic “but not like a fanatic.” Jack’s roots were Presbyterian but migrated into evangelical worship in his early twenties.

Jack was anonymously outed to his wife which aborted their marriage and after a period of shock and trauma in the family he moved out and subsequently pursued an authentic gay life.

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