Who is briana evigan dating 2016

It's been a few months since we told yah the horror flick The Evil Within was getting a title and release date change.We were informed then that Richard Gray's spookfest, now titled Mine Games, would open in September. Mine Games stars Step Up: All In and Sorority Row hottie Briana Evigan (pictured above) and follows a group of friends who travel to a cabin located deep within a forest.They’d teach me something, and I would have to work non-stop to perfect it. You are always open to new things, and that just helps develop a character more for the movie. I just let myself experience what I was doing, and enjoy what happened naturally.

I sat down with Guzman & Mc Cormick to discuss their first-time acting gigs, sweating in a Hollywood film, their favorite scenes, and more. Aside from Peter Gallagher’s corporate villain, your biggest adversary in the movie are cats. But did your experience with MMA fighting prepare for the type of performance pressure you’d experience making this movie? Dancers get ready for their performances a lot different than I get ready for my fighting. If I’m doing hip-hop, I don’t have to think so much about getting my legs up, or stretching so deeply, but I have to get my body warmed up. When Ryan first started to dance, was it like a scene from a Step Up movie? Mc Cormick: He has more of a natural groove to him. He was already really aware of his body, and if anything I taught him to listen to his body and my body when we were dancing. Did it help to be in the first-time acting together?Hunted by a mysterious force, the group must work together to escape the mine alive.The movie co-stars Alex Meraz (the Twilight saga), Julianna Guill (Friday the 13th) and Ethan Peck (In Time).I have a feeling we'll be reviewing this one in the near future.The Step Up franchise has helped audiences discover the acting and dancing talent of young stars, including Channing Tatum, his future wife Jenna Dewan, Briana Evigan (from Step Up 2 The Streets), and even Adam G.Do the Step Up films have a certain level of respect in the dance community? Dad caught me.” Was it really hard to choreograph the escalator scene? The musicality in it is unbelievable, mashing every move to every tiny beat. Mc Cormick: I loved the restaurant scene; Emily’s initiation. We were sweating during this whole thing, but we’re not supposed to be sweating. We do it three or four times in a row, and I’d be out of breath.

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