Who is ashley weatherspoon dating


In fact, Weatherspoon was spotted with several other Cavaliers wives during the NBA Finals in 2015.Still, one click glance through either Smith's or Harris' Instagram and social media pages, shows just how much these two care about each other.The details are murky, but it appears Smith recently dumped girlfriend Ashley Weatherspoon and tied the knot with the mother of his daughter, Demi, last week, despite enjoying a getaway with Weatherspoon earlier this summer.The NBA pro and his new spouse, Shirley, eloped to a New Jersey courthouse, per reports.Days before announcing his surprise engagement, the former Cavalier shared a photo of his favorite ladies with the telling caption, “Lil mama & Her mama!Sometimes what’s most important is right in front of you! #Embrace Your Destiny.” Smith’s basketball future appears less certain.When the pain medication did not have me asleep or in the clouds, I was glued to my phone.I first noticed how certain girlfriends reacted when they learned the news of my accident.

Other friends offered to lend a hand, a shoulder, an ear, a dollar, or a good joke.February 16, 2017: A tragic CONFRONTATION happened in Miami, Florida, on Valentine’s Day – between two women romantically involved with 32-year-old Marco Mack.A woman named Kasheena Mordica is being charged with second-degree attempted murder and also with leaving the scene of an accident.According to police, Kasheena ran over Ashley with her car – and her leg was completely SEVERED in the accident.Below is a video and image that people are claiming is from the scene. And he appears to have finally solved the “gal issues” he told Knicks president Phil Jackson were affecting his play earlier this season.

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