Who dating nicki minaj


That is not the face of a Drake that "don't want none." Still, it's a music video, and Nicki and Drake's mutual admiration and friendship goes way back.

(Drake and Nicki even have a song called "I'm So Proud of You" where they gush about each other.) So where does Meek come into the picture? "That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out!

At first, Drake did not publicly respond to Meek's claims.

However, a direct message conversation with battle rapper Hitman Holla revealed that Drake addressed them, by simply saying, ""I signed up for greatness.

This comes with it." "Wow, I’m honored that you think this is staged I’m flattered man, in fact, I’m amazed,” Drake raps on his first musical response to Meek.

The "Super Bass" singer dropped by "The Ellen De Generes Show" Tuesday and admitted that while she does harbor a crush on rumored fling Nas, their relationship is much more innocent than you'd think — she's staying celibate."I took a break from feuds, now it's back to that," Drake raps on "Back to Back," the rapper's latest offering in his highly public conflict with Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill.Drake's first diss track, "Charged Up," streamed on his Apple Music Beats 1 OVO Radio Show, just a couple days earlier.Meek went after Drake in "Wanna Know," going so far as to include a sample from Quentin Miller -- whom Meek says ghostwrites for Drake -- singing a hook very similar to Drake's popular "Know Yourself" track.(WARNING: Explicit language) Despite Meek's best efforts, many online were not impressed with his track. Nicki's over both Meek and Safaree, and their beef is theirs alone.

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