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Nine Eritrean refugees were found stowed in one of the lorries and were arrested, according to the Prefecture du Pas-de-Calais.British hauliers have previously warned of the dangers near the Calais port for UK-bound lorry drivers, as crude road blocks have been a long-time tactic for those desperate to stow away on board vehicles bound for the UK.A van driver has been killed in Calais after refugees, and possible people smugglers, caused a pile-up by blocking the road with tree trunks in a bid to mount lorries heading for the UK, French authorities have said.The vehicle, registered in Poland, crashed into other lorries on the A16 early on Tuesday morning and burst into flames, killing the man inside.He added: “I think we took power and gave it to individuals to make this decision.We decided to go forward as a Britain with global horizons, a Britain which is more internationalist, free trading, and I really look forward to an exciting future now.” However, Mr Grimes was challenged by Sara Morrison, former vice chair of the Tory Party, who said she felt “deeply ashamed” at the way the campaigning went.

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Vote Leave gave £625,000 to a fashion design student in the days before the EU referendum to persuade young voters to opt for Brexit, it has been revealed.

According to Electoral Commission records, Vote Leave handed the substantial sum of money to 23-year-old Darren Grimes in the run up to 23 June, making him one of the best-funded unofficial campaigners of the entire EU referendum, reports One Vote Leave individual gave Mr Grimes an additional £50,000, bringing the total amount of money acquired to £675,315.

We want to put forward the optimistic case for leaving - a truly global community, unlimited employment opportunities, and a future with unleashed potential.” Despite being given the large sum of money to sway young voters, though, Be Leave managed to acquire only 6,300 Facebook likes and just 3,700 followers on Twitter.

Appearing in a interview in the days after the Brexit result was announced, Mr Grimes said he was “absolutely thrilled” and “so proud” of the UK.

reported earlier this year that a rise in refugees returning to Calais and Dunkirk in a bid to reach the UK is generating a new “consumer base” for smugglers and people traffickers who target lorries passing through the port.

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