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It is not just Muslims the party displays animosity towards.One of its leaders, Mr Bjorn Hocke, this year criticised Berlin's memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe - victims of the Holocaust - as "a monument of shame in the heart of the capital".Singapore residents have not been spared this tide of hate speech and Islamophobia, as a scroll through social media postings on the Rohingya crisis shows.However, it is heartening that there have been voices of calm and reason online - urging people to not let tensions abroad disrupt the longstanding harmony between people of different faiths here.

The Alternative for Germany (Af D) party didn't exist five years ago.

Yet in the short time since it was formed to oppose the European Union, it has won seats in all but three of 16 state Parliaments.

It is now tipped to surpass the 5 per cent vote threshold needed to win seats in the national Parliament.

To an extent, some of it has been fuelled by extremists and terrorists who commit unjustifiable acts of terror and claim to be acting in the name of Islam.

Their acts have been roundly condemned by Islamic scholars.

"We don't want Myanmar to be a nation divided by religious beliefs or ethnicity or political ideology.

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