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A dramatic change to the 2018 season includes the addition of four Supercross Amateur racing events at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on January 21, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on January 28, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on February 25 and Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on March 4, which will give amateur athletes in 29 classes their only chance to compete in the same venue on the same weekend as all of the stars of Supercross.

The amateur radio community is very important for the Swiss Cube operations.

Amateur radio enthusiasts have significantly contributed to science, engineering, industry, and social services.

Research by amateur operators has founded new industries, This term continued to be used after the invention of radio and the proliferation of amateur experimentation with wireless telegraphy; among land- and sea-based professional radio operators, "ham" amateurs were considered a nuisance.

Although not an acronym, it is often mistakenly written as "HAM" in capital letters.

The many facets of amateur radio attract practitioners with a wide range of interests.

By using these applications, amateur radio operators can relay the housekeeping streams (downlink beacon) to the mission data repository.

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The two most common modes for voice transmissions are frequency modulation (FM) and single sideband (SSB).

The amateur radio service (amateur service and amateur-satellite service) is established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) through the Radio Regulations.

National governments regulate technical and operational characteristics of transmissions and issue individual stations licenses with an identifying call sign.

Prospective amateur operators are tested for their understanding of key concepts in electronics and the host government's radio regulations.

Radio amateurs use a variety of voice, text, image, and data communications modes and have access to frequency allocations throughout the RF spectrum to enable communication across a city, region, country, continent, the world, or even into space.

Amateur radio (also called ham radio) describes the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radiosport, contesting, and emergency communication.

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