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He states that the six-year-old boy has shared details with him about his mom’s job, and that she does not have proper boundaries when it comes to her work.

Fawn insists that she’s never shared anything about her work with her son.

It’s because, at the present, courts have sided with her ex-husband in the belief that Fawn has allowed her son too much awareness of her job — which is legal and taxed.

For her part, Fawn insists her profession is unknown to her child.

She says that a man came to the door while her son was with his father, served her with papers, told her “it was no big deal,” and then waited in his car for Fawn’s husband to come home, to serve him, too. The documents included a notice that her son wouldn’t be coming back to her house at the end of his time with his father.

Fawn’s ex had filed for sole custody, arguing that Fawn was an unfit mother.

It’s important to note here that Fawn is not a prostitute, but a cam model, someone who performs solo via webcam for paying customers from home.

He has completed in excess of 350 separate computer investigations.The woman - who has asked not to be named to protect her children - called on gardaí to track down the scammers who she claims extorted €1,000 from her husband before his suicide. "It is all the questions, they just can't understand how he was there one day and he wasn't there the next.She has also pleaded with others to be careful online, after a graphic video of the man was posted on Facebook. I haven't told them the exact extent of what happened because I don't want them to know that." Speaking anonymously, she explained that her husband had suffered from depression and anxiety over the last number of years but was still an "excellent father".Meanwhile, a garda investigation has been launched into the events which involved the man in the east of the country earlier this year.The man's phone has been passed on to the Garda Computer Crime Investigation Unit (CCIU) and officers are due to interview his wife.She’s managed a measured tone throughout most of our phone conversation, but the facade starts slipping as we finish up.

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