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Once initialised, replace the XAML in the main window with the code below: The window includes a Button that is visible when the program is launched. To display of hide a Popup you can set the Try running the program and clicking the buttons.In a moment we'll wire up the Click event of the button so that it displays the Popup, which is initially hidden. Note that if you move the initial window when the pop-up window is visible, the Popup remains stationary.Got my gear setup pretty much exactly like yours and just did a few minor tweaks in the passive tree along with picking up an extra jewel slot.Current gear: (will be looking to see if i can find some rare wands to eventually swap out the void batteries) Pretty much melting every single thing that gets in my way.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS: To @Throzz, @Enki91 & @Never Sink for listening to my theorycrafting rants and for their great suggestions & input!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-ing love this build, most fun I've had this league besides Doomfletch Pathfinder.Note the Placement property, which is configured so that the Popup will appear near the mouse pointer when displayed. Popups can be of any shape but are always contained within a rectangular bounding box.

This instalment looks at the Popup control, which allows controls to be shown as pop-ups. It allows you to create a pop-up window based upon any single child control, although the child can be a layout control with many children of its own.

I can repeat this process for the other controls in my form.

Here is my revised script: When the mouse moves away, the tooltip automatically goes away.

You can create some very complicated graphical tools and often IT pros do just that, where these tools are delegated for administration.

I would expect the form interface to be intuitive most of the time, but perhaps you might want to add a little interactive help.

You can use the Tool Tip control to accomplish this.

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