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Conversations were uncomfortable, I cared too much about what other people thought of me. Finally, thank you for doubting me and advising me to stay silent.

It didn’t take me very long to realize that living in fear is not really living. Because I needed my chance to prove someone wrong and you were that person for me.

Taking off my armor and choosing to expose myself and my story was one of the best decisions I ever made about my mental health and my life in general.

Once more, it was as if I were hearing “destined to fail” all over again. It blows my mind how I can write about the struggles I’ve gone through and in return, I get emails from people saying, “Me too! Seven years ago this August, I left your office with my husband, round belly bulging with my nearly full-term first child, cursing your name.When I explained to you that I had been off meds and symptom-free from my bipolar disorder for almost a year and that I wanted to stay off medication to breastfeed, you nodded with a sympathetic smile on your face, scribbled in your notebook and simply said we needed to have a plan. I thought maybe, just maybe, since I had nearly a full year of stability without meds, the past had been a misdiagnosis.If you are an escort, who has advertised your services on any escort website, you are not allowed to use this website.We encourage our members to report any suspicious activity or requests of this nature, and will act upon any complaints.The doctors and nurses eventually determined I was a threat to myself or others and the green light was given to find me a bed.

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