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Competition was particularly stiff this year, with some incredible entries.

It’s great to see a vegetarian dating website making the shortlists because being a vegetarian is such a defining aspect of someone’s personality, and often a very important shared belief in a relationship.

Vegan promoter and presenter Karin teamed up with the world leaders in online dating as she only wanted the best for fellow vegans and vege[...] Rather an underdog against all of the big dating boys Veggie Vision Dating actually got a huge cheer when our name was announced!

Comedian compere Ed Gamble even make a joke about eating carrots…. especially as everyone else just had their name mentioned!

VEGGIEVISION SPEED DATING Sunday 4pm in the Performance Area Karin from Veggie Vision hosts a vegan speed-dating session at Vegfest Scotland for the very first time!

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We are wholly against the suffering forcibly endured by animals through the testing of ingredients and finished cosmetic products on animals.

The Biscuit Boxes promote adoption of dogs from rescue; raise funds for dog rescues; raise funds for veterinary costs of puppy farmed dogs and provide dog owners with healthy dog treats – natural treats they can feed their dog whilst also helping those less fortunate.

Our Vegan range donates to PETA and will hopefully go a little way to support the work the organisation does for animals across the world.

Many of the team at Adcocks enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle and are committed to promoting the inspirational and fundamental work of PETA.

Here at Animals Yeah Yeah we invite our customers to take a walk on the wild side and rediscover their inner animal. Our affection shows in our big range of exclusive t-shirt and sweatshirt designs, all of which are sure to delight any and everyone who has ever owned a pet, enjoyed a nature documentary, or just wants to show the world how much they love the animal kingdom.

Adcocks Solicitors are an old established leading Midlands based law firm which can trace its roots back to when Leonard Hedley Adcock started in practice in West Bromwich in 1910.

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