Validating zip code


Terminology that is linked to portions of SPARQL 1.1 Query Language is used in SHACL as defined there.

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While a The following informal diagram provides an overview of some of the key classes in the SHACL vocabulary. The content of the boxes under the class name lists some of the properties that instances of these classes may have, together with their value types. Informally, a shape determines how to validate a focus node based on the values of properties and other characteristics of the focus node.For constraint components with optional parameters, the constraint declaration consists of the values that the shape has for all mandatory and optional parameters of that component.Some constraint components declare only a single parameter. These parameters may be used multiple times in the same shape, and each value of such a parameter declares an individual constraint.SHACL-SPARQL is based on SPARQL 1.1 and uses it as a mechanism to declare constraints and constraint components.Implementations that cover only the SHACL Core features are not required to implement these mechanisms.The interpretation of such declarations is conjunction, i.e. The following example specifies that the values of declare more than one parameter.

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