Validating the user through username and password through servlet


This is my code: ============== package com.login.servlet; import javax.naming.

However, I am getting the password from LDAP Server for the current user in encrypted / digested format and hence my authorization always fails. I am using OPEN DS as my LDAP Server and JNDI API to access LDAP Server for authorization. public class Login Servlet extends HTTPServlet ======================================= I beleive that the authentication of the user should happen against the directory server and not inside the application like done in the above code . My question is, how to write a program using JNDI API to authorize an user from LDAP Server for a login Screen? Hello, Im looking for some bind tutorial for authorization.After creating a new user in Open DS, I created an html with username & password as textfield. Our customer sended me that they use php function ldap_bind.An appropriate response is shown on the results page indicating whether or not they passed the captcha challenge. Also, the username and password inputs are ignored in this example (something you might not want to do in a real-life scenario! This servlet supports a captcha image that is either PNG or JPG format. A servlet initialization parameter controls which type is used. Captcha Service Exception; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.*; import image. On each request generated by web browser that hits on the server, server sends a response that depends on development strategies. The response type of this servlet will be Html or text content type.

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