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Both are chilling- especially as you keep remembering real-life Arcan's suicide.All in all I can't say that I enjoyed reading these, but Nelly Arcan has some really important things to say- about whole lot of things.She's simultaneously coldly factual and hysterically emotional; it's especially upsetting in this collection because by the time you're through, it's a little too easy to put together the various fragments of herself she's scattered throughout the short stories.It's hard to read because she writes with so much hopelessness- for herself, for humans in general, and for the way society operates.

Why would anyone give the wrong answer to a pretty simple question?

” Some of these people probably understood that the image on the left was from Trump’s inauguration and that the image on the right was from Obama’s, but admitting that there were more people in the image on the right would mean they were acknowledging that more people attended Obama’s inauguration.

Would some people be willing to make a clearly false statement when looking directly at photographic evidence — simply to support the Trump administration’s claims? [This is how Donald Trump engineers applause] The figure below shows the percentage of people who gave the wrong answer to each question.

To many political psychologists, this exercise will be familiar.

A growing body of research documents how fully Americans appear to hold biased positions about basic political facts.

This pair of photos shows a view of the crowd on the National Mall at the inaugurations of President Barack Obama, above, on Jan.

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