Updating the content type failed

When the push-down operation copies the changes that you make to the site or list content types that are based on that site content type, it does not overwrite the entire content type.

The scope of the content that is overwritten differs depending on whether you execute your changes and push-down operation through the user interface or through the object model.

You can also delete XML documents entirely as part of the push-down operation.

For more information about storing XML documents with custom information inside content types, see Be aware that push-down operations overwrite changes that are made to child content types if those changes fall within the granularity of the push-down operation.

If you do not have the appropriate access rights to a child site, push-down operations to content types that are contained in that child site fail.

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Any subsequent push-down operation would not include deleting that column from the child content types.

To remove the column from the child content types later, you would need to add the column back to the parent content type, delete it again, and then perform a push-down operation.

Pushing down changes is not an all-or-nothing operation; if the push down of changes fails on a given child content type, Share Point Foundation continues pushing down the changes to any remaining child content types.

At the end of the push-down operation, Share Point Foundation returns a list of errors that it encountered.

Each push-down operation pushes down only the changes that are made to the parent content type at that time.

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