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You don't need to know anything about credit scoring or spend time scouring credit reports—Credit Assure gives you the answers.

Could your applicant's score go up if they managed their credit better?

As if the cookie cutter exterior isn’t fugly enough, the interior layout is useless. I want to take the ugliest house and see what I can do with it.

Nothing is going to make this type of architecture any less hideous. Actually, historians credit Frank Lloyd Wright as the inventor of the split level. Wright has been turning in his grave since vinyl siding and shutters started showing up on these homes. After 2 historic restorations, I just want to have fun! PS: No offense meant to anyone who lives in a splanch.

Credit Xpert Essentials provides a detailed analysis that breaks down an applicant's credit and identifies the top positive and negative factors, as well as their related tradelines.

Armed with this information, you can focus on what is important and avoid disrupting what is already working.

And if an applicant wants to independently file a dispute, you can generate a personalized sample consumer dispute letter to make sure they have the right information.

Credit Assure alerts you to opportunities and how big they are, so you don't miss out.

Running in the background, scanning all your files, and utilizing proven Credit Xpert® optimization and simulation technology, Credit Assure automatically presents findings on every file.

No, I can’t afford another house, I’m just thinking.

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about the next project.

Included are the definitive, easy-to-understand explanations that Credit Xpert Inc.

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