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Make sure to uninstall the current driver, restart, and then install the one provided by HP.

As for the Intel card, the 32-bit package for Windows 8 is compatible with Windows 7 as well." So, the driver and the CCC application that I had to install were those modified by HP (downloaded from here).

(The first one is not of the actual version, but it looked like this one.)So, my assessment is that my Windows 7 installation must be damaged and many of my drivers got wiped out.

Has anyone tried this in-place installation of Win 7 from the original media?

As stated in the comment, I used the 64-bit AMD driver and the Intel Win8 32-bit driver on a Win 7 32-bit system.

In fact, I was just searching for a proper driver that would make the fans as quite as possible while keeping the system safe.

I'm still only just discovering the various things that don't work.

Here is a pictorial version of the story, of what I managed to grab.

I've never used system restore much nor do i have much trust in it.

What i recommend, even though it doesn't fit exactly what you have requested is this:--copy all your non-standard directories with data over to an external drive (downloaded stuff, temp folders if you have any)--copy your "Users" directory since this has all your software settings--copy your program files directories (both x86 and regular)--use the windows easy transfer feature for yet another backup (you now have 2-3 backups for settings)--make an image of the whole OS drive if possible--reinstall windows from scratch--reinstall all your software--if a particular software doesn't look right to you or annoys you in terms of the settings, replace the appdata folder of it with what you saved in the users directoryi've never found a better way than this for restoring programs and settings with a fresh install.

I gave up using Linux on that PC but now I want to have a bit more control in Windows (7).

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