True dating horror stories


He said he understood, but the next day I got this text: ' I lied yesterday. And I want it with you.' Needless to say, after that he was BLOCKED." "I was on a date with a single mom, and in order to make the date work we'd need to pick up her son from his job and bring him home at some point during the date.His name was Mitch, he was about 25 and pretty bulky, and didn't speak a word to me or make eye contact at all, which was fine, I get that it's weird to meet a guy that's on a date with your mom.A few minutes later, the waiter leaves again, and she goes to two separate tables and grabs the silverware. She gets to the point that she can’t even talk she is so stoned.She comes back sits down again, and puts them in her purse. ' She responds, ' I just need this stuff.' Out of the blue, she invites me back her place. I say, ' Hey, I think I'm going to take off now.' She barely nods ok before she collapses on the floor next to the couch."He informed me that if we continued dating he would have to kill my dog."Think that ghosts, witches and goblins are frightening?Try being on a date with some of these terrifying people.He laid them down, pointed at me and said, ' You and me, right now.' He then did some breakdance moves about as well as a large guy could.

His questions included, ' Are you into hair pulling? I didn't respond with more than, ' I'm sorry, I don't feel the same way.' I received random texts from him for months that I never replied to.

Every few minutes the waiter would go into the back, probably prepping to go home.

My date gets up, walks to the empty table next to ours, grabs the salt and pepper shakers, sits back down and puts them her purse, and says nothing.

If it's crazy enough, we may just add it to the list.

Photo: We Heart It Begin slideshow "Over drinks at a bar my date revealed many interesting details about himself.

He dropped me off at home, but I wasn't about to call it a night just because he was lame, so I met my friends at a club. My friends and I taunted him so badly, he ultimately did end up making it an early night." -Pam, 54"A lot of Orthodox Jews rely on matchmakers to set them up, so I decided to give it a try. You work in a stressful environment and somehow manage that. To name a few: ' Gay people shouldn't have the right to vote because they aren't real citizens,' ' Women shouldn't have the right to choose if they shave or not — no man wants to touch that,' ' But you'll quit your job when you get married, right? ' After I excused myself to the bathroom, I calmed myself down, laid down a and walked across the street to a gay bar and shared my story. He told me he had a collection of pieces that infamous convicted criminals had done while serving their time in prison, and out of sheer curiosity I agreed to go back to his place to check them out.

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