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Experimental determination of fluorapatite, monazite, xenotime, allanite, and REE-enriched epidote stability fields in monazite-apatite-allanite and xenotime-apatite-allanite metapelitic systems as a function of P-T-X.LREE-redistribution between fluorapatite, monazite, and allanite at high pressures and temperatures.Most of these experiments have their origins and inspiration from natural processes involving metasomatically-induced partial alteration and/or re-equilibration of various phosphate and silicate minerals or phosphate-silicate mineral groups.Experimental projects include: Experimental fluid-aided incorporation of actinides into monazite and xenotime utilizing both alkali-rich fluids and simple, fluid-rich granitic melts.One of the purposes of this study is to understand how potential fluids, streaming upwards from the crust-mantle boundary, could influence gradations in mineral chemistry and REE distribution along the traverse.LA-ICPMS study of fluorapatite, garnet, amphibole, and clinopyroxene (Y REE) chemistry across a lower crustal, fluid-activated, localised orthopyroxene-bearing dehydration zone, Söndrum stone quarry, SW Sweden.And just her statement alone, saying that if we did oppose what’s happening in the oil extraction or gas by Junex or Squatex, they would meet face to face.

Paul, Minnesota, USA MS Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA MS Petrology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA Ph D Geochemistry (Experimental Petrology and Thermodynamic Modeling), Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA Phosphate and silicate minerals as monitors of geodynamic processes Experiments involving phosphate and silicate minerals cover a wide range of minerals and fluid compositions.

High-grade fluid metasomatism in the lower crust and upper mantle The chemical and physical evolution and stability of the mid to lower crust and upper mantle can be strongly affected by fluids such as H brines.

Studies of high-grade fluid metasomatism in the lower crust and upper mantle include: Changes in the mineral chemistry across traverses of both regional and localised dehydration zones.

We don’t want oil or fracking exploration or extraction being done on our territory because it’s going to hurt the environment, water, wildlife and so forth. NQNC: GM: I think we have to form those alliances because, as we spoke about earlier, it’s okay to have protests and blockades but that alone will not be enough to stop whatever governments and mining, gas, oil, or fracking are trying to do.

They have the courts at their service and it’s just a matter of time before they’re dismantled.

A regional study investigating the role of COO-rich fluids during the genesis and evolution of a co-genetic granite and magmatic charnockite association as well as their influence on the surrounding amphibolite-facies gneiss, country rock, Varberg-Torpa charnockite-granite association, SW Sweden.

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