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Communities and businesses also benefit when youth have safe and productive ways to spend their time while their parents are at work.Several Federal agencies provide support and resources to afterschool programs to help promote positive outcomes for youth.He also has an older brother, Glen Simpson, who came out to Archie as gay, which initially made Archie uncomfortable.It is only assumed that Archie reached out to him one day, as he is now accepting of the LGBT community.Explore the articles and links on this page to learn more about afterschool.Derick Dillard lashed out at Jazz Jennings on Wednesday night, criticizing the transgender teen in a vicious and hurtful post on his Twitter account.

By all accounts the offenses stopped and Josh apologized to the victim, but some time in 2006 an individual in the church who had borrowed a book from the Duggars found a note detailing Josh's molestation of minors.

He is the principal of his Alma mater, Degrassi Community School in Toronto, Canada.

Archie is married to Christine Nelson and has a stepdaughter, Emma Nelson, and a son, Jack Simpson. Delacorte, Erica Farrell, Heather Farrell, Liz O'Rourke and, eventually, Dwayne Myers.

Targeted teen: Many are now calling on TLC to cancel the Duggar's reality show, which was previously taken off the air in 2015 after Josh's molestation scandal (Jazz above discussing gender reassignment surgery with her father and a doctor on the current season)Jazz was diagnosed with gender identity disorder at the age of 4 and began making appearances on national programs two years later to discuss her life and bring awareness to trans issues.

She has always been a remarkably poised and collected young woman, refusing to stay silent when attacked.'What is it with calling transgender people FREAKS?!

The attack came in response to an innocuous tweet from TLC that let their followers know that a new episode of the program was beginning and urging them to watch. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God.'The tweet came as a bit of a shock since the Duggar family's reality program 'Counting On' also airs on TLC, and is set to premiere next month.

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