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These late '50s "Electromatic" amps have a very distinctive appearance, especially with the wrap-around speaker grill used on many of the Valco models .It should be noted that "Electromatic" does not refer to any particular amp, but instead refers to the range of amps, just as Synchromatic or Electromatic do not refer to a particular guitar.Gretsch amps were offered in at least five basic styles, with the earliest ones usually covered in a tweed material.Beginning sometime around 1954 or '55, tweed was phased out in favor of a charcoal gray cloth with silver streaks in it.The HG-12 Is a nice work-horse guitar from the 150 years old Hohner company and as a '78 claims vintage status.The 2000 Martin D15 is of mahogany construction and this dreadnought is reminiscent of the 15 Series guitars of the 1940s.Turns out there are guitarists all over the world that are loving the ‘60s-era Supro amp-in-a-box tones that this pedal churns out.In designing the pedal, we paid very close attention to the feel and sound that made the original amps the go-to combos for players like Jimmy Page, Brian Setzer, and Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley.

Fender (founded in 1946), Hohner (founded in 1857), and Martin (founded in 1833) have, collectively, been in the business of instrument manufacturing for nearly 400 years. I remember, during a sound check, strumming a chord through that amp with the volume on 8 and being floored by the biggest rock tone I had ever heard, coming from a 1 knob amp with an 8” speaker.I started collecting Supros and other Valco amps like the Gretsch, National, Airline and Vega, finding them all over the country and building a modest collection that allowed me to understand the brand and designs as a whole.“The Super Bolt is the result of me becoming slightly obsessed with old Supro/Valco amps from the 60’s.Years ago, I was working with an artist that had a Super at the heart of his live rig and I fell in love with the overdrive/distortion that sounded so old but somehow fit perfectly in any style of music.Amp may not look like much but it has a nice warm tone, and outside of re-soldering a loose wire, it is totally original and works great. The first instruments that Aria manufactured were classical guitars, which rapidly became popular in the world-wide guitar community.

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