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By agreeing to travel to see a potential SD, you’re doing him a favor. First of all, it makes sure all of your basics are totally covered in case anything goes wrong.And secondly, when a sugar daddy agrees to cover the essential travel expenses, it shows him to be a real potential sugar daddy who is worth traveling for.First off, Pittilla stresses to the audience that being a sugar baby isn’t sex work and that the men are not paying them.She then reels off bullet points on from her presentation which unintentionally highlight that finding and keeping a sugar daddy is a little complex.Do a quick Google search on him through asking for the company he works for or owns – ask for a company website – or at least his full name.

But, still, while traveling outside of your comfort zone always comes with a risk – it gets much riskier when you’re going to some unknown city to meet with someone you essentially don’t know, .

Kashmira Gander meets some of the women at the summit to find out why they've ditched conventional dating But the crowd is more varied than one might assume.

The (mainly) women here are of all ages, body-types and ethnicities.

“Some will even go as low as pretending there’s been a family death to avoid meeting you.” Doesn’t it all make dating seem a bit cold and businesslike?

But that’s the beauty of it, suggests Seeking Arrangement founder Brendon Wade, who thinks he’s nailed the formula for successful relationships.

Here’s what we recommend you do increase of you find yourself not take care of and left at the mercy of douchebags posing as sugar daddies to recommend traveling without taking necessary precautions. Under no circumstances will you be “sleeping over” at his abode.

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