Submissiv sex chat room

I explored a lot of different elements of my kinky identity before I fully embraced my submissive self.I didn't realize that the type of sex that I was having was kinky.Was there a point in time that you actively decided to pursue your interest in BDSM/ kink?I naturally tended to date folks who were kinky or at least open to kink.I just happened to have my first sexual relationships with people who were kinky and were willing to indulge me in my fantasies.I think it wasn't actually until I started performing in front of the camera and discussing with producers and coworkers the kind of sex that I enjoyed that I realized that I was kinky.BDSM can include anything from a light spanking during sex to 24/7 master/slave relationship dynamics. I've always been kinky and enjoyed a greater level of sensation and energy exchange than the average person.

Public sex, spanking, fisting, and handcuffs were my first foray into kinky sex with my first girlfriend.

I'm a feminist erotic filmmaker, sex educator, and curator of LGBT art programming in San Francisco.

Madison Bound Productions is a sex-positive production company that creates films and websites that are focused on pleasure, connection, and communication. I get to facilitate making women, men, and persons of all gender identities realize their most decadent erotic fantasies on film.

When I first started discovering my sexuality, I was unaware of the word queer.

I first came out as a lesbian, then bisexual, then pansexual, then queer. BDSM is a hearty acronym that packs a whole lot of meaning and potential for different relationship dynamics and types of sexual play.

That realization made so much sense and really opened a whole new world for me.

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