Stories about cyberdating


Thanks for keeping it real, Walter I just had to write to you commending you for having such a great dating site and free... In this greed laden country of ours, you type in "100% free to use sites" and immediately the deception is clear, its free to place an add, after that you pay to email other members or can only reply to members who initiate the contact.They have it all covered, it doesn't matter how you phrase it in search, the greedy swines have it covered.

But then they were bought out by Match and the place has just gotten crappy.When one browses through the success stories posted on, it becomes readily apparent that the site defines “success” in terms of long-term monogamous heterosexual coupling, with marriage as the ultimate goal (see also Whitty and Carr, 2006).Searching beyond the top menu story categories of marriage, engagement, and relationships by adding the keyword “gay” brings one brief testimonial, while the lesbian success stories are only slightly more numerous though certainly more detailed in their narratives.Thank you for being my #1 site for meeting with people. We met last February on Valentine's day and we started to write back and forth.Member #: FU166324 Yes I did meet someone on your dating services. We chatted on icq for awhile as we were both seeing other people on a somewhat casual basis at the time. Diane...*S* Yes, I met another cyberdating girl on your free dating service and was very happy with this. We finally met after, about mid March and have been seeing one another since.The whole feel of the place is different now - you can smell them circling waiting for an opportunity to make some money.

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