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It's a really hard sell and it's very hard for young people [...] It's just not on their radar at all. Once you start on blocking agents and estrogen, it might end up being pretty different sperm." "It takes a lot of time and effort to work with your family and your loved ones, to figure out what it means to have a partner, if that's relevant to someone with their affirmed gender," Obedin-Maliver says."Even without any of the hormones, those processes take time, and they take a lot of energy.And if that doesn't work, he suggests reaching out to some of the big LGBT healthcare centers across the country, and asking them to connect you with trans-care providers in your region.

And because of that, it might be helpful to learn about what goes into it, so that you can have greater control over your reproductive choices."I think fertility is something that every person should think about, whether they want to have children or not, and whether they want to have genetically related children or not," Obedin-Maliver says.

And it covered a lot of ground, like how smoking cigarettes can hurt your egg quality, and how fertility issues can impact both men and women.

That said, it focused on fertility issues that applied most specifically to cisgender individuals — people who identify as the gender that they were assigned at birth.

"We unfortunately now know that transgender people experience a lot of discrimination in medical settings," Obedin-Maliver says.

"So around getting pregnant, understanding your options, around those types of questions, you may experience a lot more boundaries and barriers than a cisgender person, which could delay things. If you're being a responsible person and want to do your pre-conception counseling and find out if there's anything you should do to optimize carrying a pregnancy or whatnot and the person at the front desk misgenders you, uses the wrong pronoun, someone in the waiting room says something disparaging, and you leave the office before seeing the doctor, that's a delay in care. That's a lived experience of being a gender nonconforming or gender-expansive person on the planet." First, a few words about a typical scenario that a trans kid might face: Typically a child who is gender-nonconforming will begin talking about it at age three or four, Finlayson says.

Smoking marijuana can hurt your sperm quality, and varicoceles in your testicles can render you (temporarily) infertile. Read 22 things people should know about their fertility and 22 things you should know about STDs and your fertility to get some basic facts about infertility issues.

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