St louis black women dating white men


(Though, to be fair, I think we should argue that since there are more women who identify as bisexual, that means that we need to adjust the numbers in both directions because those women could potentially be removed from the pool by finding their mates in other women).

To not quibble, though, fine, we'll reduce two more percentage points.

Shudder.) Being married to a white woman definitely indicates that a man is no longer available, but it does not indicate that he is "not interested" in Black women anymore than it indicates that he is no longer interested in any woman other than his wife.

If we are going to compare single Black men to single Black women, we need to eliminate everyone who's married, which means that we actually need to change the initial numbers in this chart.

Black women have a 3.6% chance of going to prison (and since this infographic rounds up Black men's chances from 28.5% to 30%, let's just go ahead and call it 4%). When we get to the one about obesity, we definitely need to examine it more closely.

First of all, it's appalling to suggest that someone cannot be obese and attractive and it's downright statistically untrue to suggest that someone cannot be obese and fit.

The place where I first got confused by their data is box number three.

It ostensibly eliminates Black men from the pool who are not interested in Black women, but it does so by eliminating the 8.5% of Black men who are married to white women. Otherwise, we're saying that married men are still eligible as potential mates.

If I had not been a white woman married to a black man, I probably would have just read through it and then moved on.But because this infographic makes some assumptions about people in relationships such as mine, I bristled.Upon bristling, I did some further examination of the statistics presented in this infographic.They eliminate all of the Black men who have ever been to jail because someone who has been incarcerated is no longer "good." Setting aside social questions over whether this is a fair reason to eliminate someone, what about all of the women who have also been incarcerated.Don't the qualifications need to hold steady on both sides of this equation?The actual number of single Black men to single Black women (before we start eliminating for the other boxes on the chart) is 13.5 million to 16.2 million (83 Black men for every 100 Black women).

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