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According to the statement, the abuse continued until Christoph's wife walked in on him this month.The statement said police found sexual messages on Facebook between the girl and Christoph."They are already trained to be vigilant, so to be vigilant for this is something that is right in their wheelhouse."Van Dam said companies that partner with Truckers Against Trafficking show their drivers a video that breaks down some of the stereotypes about the sex industry and explains to drivers some of the signs of sex trafficking — like minors soliciting sex, women with tattoos that indicate ownership or men coming to truck stops at night with vehicles full of women.The drivers are also given logos to put in their windows with the number for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (1-888-373-7888) and little brochures to keep in their wallets that describe how and when to report possible human trafficking.The incident is described in a probable cause statement used to charge Christoph with five counts of statutory sodomy and one count of statutory rape.The abuse allegedly began around Christmas 2016 when the girl was 13.Avery Eugene Genovese met the girl using an instant messaging app in either February or March, court records say, and after a week of sending sexual messages to each other, the girl told Genovese she was bored.Genovese told her he would see her in 15 minutes and drove to her house, according to a probable cause statement filed by the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

Helen Van Dam, with Truckers Against Trafficking, said truck drivers are uniquely positioned to spot human trafficking since traffickers sometimes use truck stops to fuel up or look for customers."There are 3 million (truck drivers) out there," Van Dam said.The girl told investigators that Ryan engaged in several different sexual acts with her on several different occasions at a Springfield residence and in a parked car, the statement said.Some of the acts involved choking her and binding her wrists, the statement said.According to the statement, Genovese said the girl was acting "young and awkward" and that she told him she had never done anything sexual before.His bond was initially set at ,000, online court records show.Van Dam said 240,000 drivers are registered as being trained by Truckers Against Trafficking, and they have generated more than 1,400 hotline calls that led to more than 450 human trafficking cases with about 1,000 victims.

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