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They found that more women are putting it out there, with 17 per cent willing to text a bloke the following day if she likes him. That 14 men would deem me unsuitable even for a 'let's see' coffee beggars belief.A big change from the days where women sat waiting by the phone. I've been wondering what's up in Perth with the dating scene since I moved home from London in 2006 and things seem to be getting worse, not better.

Well I never say no to the girls, Daile, and I don't find them the slightest bit intimidating ... But they say they are interested, cos` hey at least you shared some interesting conversation, you didnt eat with your mouth open, he was`nt embarrassed being seen with you.

Interesting figures, but they don’t explain the problem. However the attractive women can seem too intimidating for the 'average' guy or men assume they are taken.

Why are single people finding it so hard to hook up? When posting comments on our blogs, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. And Daile didn't accuse you of being jaded either...

You can meet up to 15 people using live video and instant messaging in one hour!

Unlike other online dating websites, Speed allows you to immediately determine whether there is chemistry before taking the time to meet in person.

But that 32 per cent wait up till a week later to do so - and they certainly won’t get in touch the next day. We've tried everything - speed dating, Fit2Date, singles events, 'putting ourselves out there'...time we've had mixed results, but pending one recent hook-up (watch this space) we're all still single.

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