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A giddy sense of excitement welled up inside of me as I braced myself for the fun ball of happiness that’s about to explode on campus: O-Week! So, summertime is kind of drawing to a close, sigh - what is UP with the rain by the way? One of the great things about the new year is that Orientation Week - O-Week - happens before lectures and tutes start.Speed dating in Manning Bar isn't the only way to meet new people during O-Week; you can also get an Access card and join a million clubs and societies. seriously, I was walking down King Street in Newtown on Friday night and found myself in the middle of what felt like a flash flood. Anyway, summer is almost over and uni is about to start. This year O-Week is from Wednesday 25 February to Friday 27 February.They're still new to the game, but they're growing quick and fast, so expect to see big things from them in the near future.The way that City Swoon works is that you purchase tokens, and each of these tokens may be used to ‘spend’ on different activities, such as setting a date or agreeing to one.Dedicated to finding everybody's perfect match in a safe, secure, and fun environment, City Swoon is a new and realistic way of online matchmaking.

We believe our passion for both Latin American culture and experience living in Sydney offers members the best way of learning about and integrating both cultures!

We vied for the attention of excited first years, as they stumbled around, arms laden with freebies, in a bit of a daze having just joined half a dozen societies. I’ll try and give you a comprehensive rundown of the day (or, given the state I’m in, perhaps the best you can hope for is a comprehensible run down! That’s right girls and boys, it’s less than 24 hours until I become a genuine, bona fide, legitimate UNI STUDENT! First of all, we have to enjoy (or endure, depending on your perspective) the incredible and amazing experience that is “Arty Starty”. If you're a nostalgia crazed freak like me you'll be putting this date in your brand new Union-sponsored O-Week diaries because this is when the 90s DANCE PARTY IS ON AT MANNING!

The aim of our group is to provide a space where both the Spanish speaking community and English community of Sydney learn more about each others' language, customs and culture in a really relaxed, fun and sociable way.

Hey All, This is for lesbians wanting to meet other single available Lesbians in an open welcoming environment.

If anyone has any suggestions to make this meetup better or will like to help with some events- that will be great- please let me know.

With romance set to bloom this Valentine’s Day, The Pet Foundation together with Petbarn invites you our National Pet Dating day where you could meet your purr-fect match.

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