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In Kenya, the cover of the night provides them with not just the opportunity to trade, but also to visit a charity-operated “HIV wellness centre” without the risk of discovery.Cameroonian sex workers on their part are improving their level of awareness and safety.Conversely, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) objected to the act based on the belief that sex is biologically determined at birth.The ACDP and National Action were the only parties to vote against the bill in the National Assembly.

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would like to see much harsher sentences regarding the sexual violation of animals who, like children, are completely helpless to stop such violent attacks on them," Pieterse said in a statement.

Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat) and Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) – both leading advocates for sexual workers – partnered to establish the clinic which is named after popular South African transgender sex worker, Cym Van Dyke.

Providing sex workers with access to adequate healthcare is a delicate issue across Africa where the profession continues to be criminalised and stigmatised in society.

If the application is refused, it may be appealed to the Minister of Home Affairs, and if the appeal is refused the decision may be challenged in the Magistrate's Court.

Once an application is approved the Department will issue a new birth certificate and identity document.

Tales of rape and abuse which go unchecked and unpunished by law enforcement agencies are common in this field of work, despite the gravity of such crimes.

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