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Below virtual porn producers and VR sex toy makers are among the best in the industry. The virtual reality industry is experiencing an emergence of start-ups and new companies focussing on the production of high-tech and interactive sex toys that seek to embellish the experiences of virtual reality porn viewers.These companies have partnered with 360 adult porn companies to manufacture sex toys that synchronize with adult content. We can't imagine how much money are involved, or profits to be made from these views…The relationship between adult film and virtual reality will likely be mutually beneficial for the top players — with pornography bolstering the sales and use of headsets, and subscriptions giving the porn industry a much-desired new revenue stream, said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.( via Market Watch )The VR porn industry will grow into a gigantic adult entertainment sector, there is no surprise that film makers, sex toy makers, robot builders and hi-tech gadget makers are all entering the competition.There is no need to argue that males tend to be more willing and eager to try out new technology, and most males watch porn.According to research, pornography-related webpages dominate and occupied between 37%- 41% of existing webpages on the web!

Juniper also predicts that the number is going to skyrocket up to 193 billion by 2020.

Max and Nora are designed to be compatible with VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, and connection to mobile device wirelessly via bluetooth.

Max and Nora can now sync with particular Virtual Real Porn's porn actor or actress, and are able to sync with their movements accordingly. KIIROO, an innovative tech company, has developed a unique technology to get intimate online; through a social platform, mobile app and a set of interactive toys.

The Japanese VR Porn and sex toy creators do not stop there, another Japanese sex toy / teledildonics maker SOM has developed some jaw-dropping sex toys connected by USB.

The device sync with gameplay to provide realistic immersion. Custom Maid 3D is a Japanese adult cartoon game, the game is a no-brainer, you pick your favorite maid by customize her look and have virtual sex with her.

Best yet, you are in-control of the character, with a penis controller packed with sensors.

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