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People use it when they do not want to send urgent package or letter. This concludes the types of mail services offered by USPS.

Apart from the above things you should also know about some features that it provides.

These are the helpline numbers if you have a query.

Tracking number is a 22 digit number that you will receive after handing the package to US Postal service.

USPS Tracking is the most popular and reliable courier and mail service in USA. A lot of people face problem in tracking their parcels.

So if you need help in or putting the parcel on hold, you are at the right place.

Online USPS Tracking: If you have internet connection on your phone or PC this is the best way to track. Just need to enter the tracking number and status of shipment will be displayed on the screen.Many people face a problem of tracking number not found or tracking number not updating. If you have lost the tracking number, contact the USPS center near you. The ususal working hours of the company is from 9 AM to 4 PM.Some delivery like Priority Mail Express works 24X7.Charges may be applied as per the method (online or offline). In case your shipment is stuck in same place for many days, contact the above numbers.Email Address for support: The below procedure explain how to contact customer support through email. We have some direct email address for you in this section.We have the list of number for various departments below.

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