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We are continually working to make sure that Musika is a business you can trust.

Saxophone can be an extremely satisfying instrument to study at any age.

Reliable brands to rent include Jupiter, Yamaha, and Selmer. Young saxophonists are able to progress quickly and many schools have jazz programs that feature the sax.

Typically, Musika recommends waiting until age 8 before beginning sax lessons.

While traveling, it was difficult to establish a homebase for lessons, but now that I'm not moving around as much, I am pursuing this as a bigger focus in my life.

My main goal is that the student is "playing" music, which means that they like what they are doing when the pick up their instrument.

I then went to University and studied for a bachelor degree in Music and Performing Arts.

I have lived in the Bay Area for the past 20 years teaching and performing.

I was educated from age 7 in Clarinet, reaching the highest award offered by The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music at age 12.

My name is Yuh-Boh and I have been playing the saxophone for over ten years and seriously began learning the saxophone when I began in college.

I recently graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelors in Music Performance and now working on new repetoire for my Master's Degree.

Currently I am with Walnut Creeks Community Band and Pleasantan Community Band as a Saxophonist.

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