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There are a lot of decisions you have to make when getting into a new relationship with someone: when to meet each other's families and friends, how often you should see each other, and when you should have sex for the first time.

Every relationship moves at its own pace, and the most optimal time you should have sex is whenever you're both comfortable with it.

Started in 2007, the diary-cum-I-don’t-even-know tracks the sexploits of Karley Sciortino — a busty blond twenty-something with a penchant for dick-pic sending “slaves” among other things — and is a *startling* combination of dating advice and anecdotes from her drug-fueled days spent living in a London squat. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for “Dear Abby” advice, you won’t find it here. “Hot Dog” is stand-up comedian Kurt Braunohler who despite having ~20,000 Twitter followers is still using one of the lamest pre-set backgrounds, but I guess that’s beside the point.

If you are, however, looking for something a little more, uh, fashion the column turns the snark up to 11, which is beyond irritating most of the time, but every so often has its moments. He is your self-proclaimed “brah-guide” (which I’m assuming means “bro-guide,” which I’m assuming means “male guide”) when it comes to reading dating advice on the Internet and is joined by his counterpart “the Lady Bun” a.k.a. Together Hot Dog and the Lady Bun take a swing at some of their readers’ most pressing dating-related queries, like this one, which leads me to believe the questions are either, a. submitted by a go-to relationship advice blog, c’mon), I think the male-versus-female approach to dating could be really beneficial if they’d just cut the slightest bit of crap.

I have to be a little more selective about what I say.

One of my favorite things about the Internet is that it is home to an inconceivable amount of information (duh). We consider going to the bookstore to find a copy of that book Charlotte is too embarrassed to buy, but like her we are too shy to commit.Also, as “Stoli” I didn’t feel like I wasn’t being true to myself. Angela is for the civil rights activist Angela Davis. I love when people touch me, I love touching people, and I love kissing. Hines, certainly has its rewards; describe them, as well as some of the challenges. Whether I’m church, with my friends or at work, I am Twanna Hines, Funky Brown Chick.As far as my first name, my paternal grandmother is from the Skokomish tribe from the Pacific Northwest, also known as the Twana (but my name has 2 n’s). Challenges, well not a lot of guys want to go out on a date then read about it on a blog the next day. Part of being me and being open is great but part of it is difficult because it’s uncomfortable for a lot of people – understandably so. I don’t like to shut myself off from possibilities.I “came out” when hired me to write about my dating life.When I found out I had to put a picture up, I knew someone would make the connection so I decided to tell my friends about it. I can’t be as emotionally raw as I’d like to be at times, but I’m comfortable with the choice. My mom gave me my middle name, my dad my first, so I usually use both.I did my degrees both undergrad & grad in Sociology. The only thing that’s planned is “Manly Monday’s” – otherwise there’s no rhyme to it. This music writer who was way too young for me (he was 22-23 and I was close to 30) was amongst a group of friends that were hanging out at my old place in Chicago. Q: In your blog you’ve mentioned a book you’ve been working on, tell us a little about that. I can’t really say what the message is at this point because it’s still forming but I can tell you that it’s a memoir. I’ve never dated any of my bosses, but I have slept with people’s boyfriends – as long as there’s no ring and you’re not promised to someone else. Q: Ok – now that we know a little about the kind of guy you’re looking for, tell us: What would make you kick this guy to the curb? I should feel good or better after spending time with someone.

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