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So they're the ones most at risk, not the kids who passively sitting around like sitting ducks ... Is there a negative to all this attention that's been given to the online predator issue? I definitely think all the hype about sexual predators -- that I don't think we're seeing in other countries, it seems to be a big thing here in the United States -- I think it is drawing attention away from what we really need to be thinking about, and that is what kids do to themselves and each other.

What really concerns me is cases like two teenagers in Florida who ...

The [Justice Department's] cyber crimes section is involved with all manners of crime committed over the Internet. The majority of our time is devoted to online sexual exploitation of children, Internet predators. The Innocent Images National Initiative was begun in the Baltimore field office ...

back in 1993, based on the abduction of an 11-year-old boy in Prince George's County, Md.

On the other hand, we interview child predators as well, and pedophiles, they tell us the exact opposite.

They say, "I can't believe that parents do not monitor their child's online use, that they don't know their passwords, that they aren't standing over their shoulder. If you can take a few simple steps to try to minimize that risk, such as communicating with your child.

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Typically they return on several occasions for sexual encounters.That's the first time that the FBI had encountered computers being used by predators to target children.We started keeping statistics in 1996, and we opened 113 cases that year.Through fiscal year 2007, we've opened 20,200 and arrested almost 10,000 subjects for sexually exploiting children online.So it's a crime problem that has grown exponentially over the years and continues to grow every year. [What do you say to people who say the country is experiencing a "predator panic," that we're perceiving a much bigger problem than the statistics would demonstrate? Whether it's one in five children solicited online, whether it's one in seven, what price do you put on that one child that is victimized?[Give me a sense of the scale of resources that the FBI is investing.] At any one time, the FBI has 30 undercover operations internationally addressing this crime problem.

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