Sex dating in warren arkansas

Sera raises five points on appeal, including challenges to the sufficiency of the evidence, the trial court's admission of evidence under Ark. The court of appeals certified this case to us because the constitutionality of the rape-shield statute is at issue. A thorough factual summary is required because a challenge has been made to the sufficiency of the evidence.In late summer of 1996, Sera lived with his wife and daughter in Dallas, Texas.Deal has no memory of this or most of the events of the afternoon.According to Deal, the next thing she clearly remembered was going to her cousin's house to pick up her children.During dinner, Deal recalls drinking a glass of wine and a glass of water.Towards the end of dinner, Deal left the table to go to the bathroom.Her next memory was waking up on the couch in the living room the next morning at the Burnett house.

Appellant, Steven Anthony Sera appeals his conviction on eight criminal counts related to three sexual encounters involving the use of the drug Rohypnol with two women in Monticello, Arkansas. 404(b), the constitutionality of the Arkansas Rape Shield Statute, the admission of certain expert testimony, and the admission of a videotape depicting three sexual encounters involving Sera and three different apparently unconscious women, including one of the victims. The trial record contains nearly 3100 pages of pleadings, testimony, and exhibits.

Deal testified that from that point she did not remember much of the remainder of the trip back from Monticello.

Sera later told her she consumed two or three more of the beers on the way back.

There, Sera owned and operated Chandler Lumber Company, named after his daughter.

After hearing of the closing of a lumber mill in Warren, Arkansas, Sera began visiting Warren to explore purchasing the property.

Deal testified that he remained at the rear of the car for quite some time which prompted her to ask what was taking him so long.

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