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These works cut off the supply of fresh sand to the beach.By the 1980s the beach at Seaford had all but vanished, the shoreline becoming steep, narrow and largely composed of small boulders.This loss of independence was unpopular with Seaford residents and in 1999 the town became a civil parish within Lewes, with a town council.Municipal services within Seaford are now provided by three tiers of local government – the county council, the district council and the town council.During a severe storm in October of the same year a substantial amount of the deposited material on the upper part of the beach was washed out past low tide level, leading to questions in the House of Commons.The beach has been topped up several times since then, giving the town a broad beach of sand and shingle.

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The Seaford Community Partnership is a body incorporating representatives drawn from all three tiers of local government and from local civic groups.The Levett family intermarried with other Sussex families, including the Gildredges, the Eversfields, the Popes, the Ashburnhams, the Adams, and the Chaloners.A seal with his arms belonging to John de Livet, Lord of Firle, was found at Eastbourne in 1851.The partnership seeks to advise on long term development strategy for the town.Currently the town council is composed of 10 Conservative, 7 Liberal Democrat and 1 Labour, 1 UKIP and 1 independent councillor.This stretch of coast is notified for its geological and ecological features as Seaford to Beachy Head Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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