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Provisions include forcing "sexual predators" to register every 90 days for life, and persons convicted of misdemeanor offenses to register annually for 15 years.In 2007, Human Rights Watch, an international nongovernmental organization which researches and advocates on human rights issues, issued a 146-page critical paper, "No Easy Answers." The HRW paper called for a massive overhaul of the AWA, including terminating public access to information about sex offenders' places of residence, information that has been used by people in search of vigilante justice to intimidate and even kill sex offenders.Illinois also mandated in 2011 that the licenses of medical and health professionals convicted of sex offenses can be permanently revoked without a hearing.

This April, as the gay marriage debate reached the U. Supreme Court, two married gay men in Connecticut, George Harasz and Douglas Wirth, decided to fight charges that they had sexually abused children in their care.

The circumstances in which LGBTQs find themselves on sex offender registries both challenge the applications of such terms and hark back to older and still-prevalent ideas about sexual minorities. sex offender registries: A brief history In 1989, 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted from his hometown of St. Wetterling was never found, but his disappearance prompted concern that there was, at the time, no verifiable database of sex offenders.

The fact both sex offenses and sex offenders fall into such diverse and disparate categories also explains why it has been hard to mobilize a concerted political movement against the prevalence of SORs. The Jacob Wetterling Act of 1994 was designed to create a registry that could enable easier tracking of sex offenders.

So far some states are refusing to comply with the AWA, usually because of the high costs. Justice Department statistics indicated that recidivism among sex offenders is much lower than originally projected, about 5.3 percent, and studies indicate that most child sexual abuse occurs at the hands of family members or people known to victims. For LGBTQ people on the registry, registration can mean a shame and stigma that many worked to overcome on account of their sexuality or that others may have understood only as a historical fact.

California, for instance, has decided that the noncompliance penalty of .6 million annually is less than the costs of implementing the AWA, million a year. For those living in already small communities, it can mean a drastic shrinking of their worlds and a heightened sense of danger as they fear retaliation based on a combination of their sexuality and their recorded offenses.

The HRW piece acknowledges the need to prevent sexual abuse but questions whether the AWA's reach and stringency help or hinder the quest for justice.

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