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—but we seem to be having a lot more fun talking about sex and single motherhood.“It sounds like you’re lucky,” I say.

“You have a regular setup.” She has said she has two different “lovers.”“It takes a long time to create a situation like I have,” she says.

(Thornton’s from Arkansas.) “And there was one day I kept saying that ‘it’s a reproduction, don’t be crazy,’ and he opened up a drawer and it said ‘Dynamite.’ It was [a chest] made of an old dynamite box, and so I was busted.”They had met on the set of in which they played an eccentric married couple. Thornton with pendants of each other’s dried blood around their necks; here they were, arriving disheveled to an awards ceremony as Thornton explained, “We just [bleeped] in the limo on the way to the show,” a quote which will probably follow him to his obituary. But maybe ‘cause we’re both artists, and he’s a writer, he’s very in touch with ways to express something, so he was able to call and say, This is what I understand about you and me, about life, and this friendship.“He’s a really good man,” she said. Probably one of the reasons I loved him so much is I don’t giggle that much, and we met as two people who had been through pain and addiction”—she has said “heroin has been very close to me in my life”—“and life and just drama and deep inside ourselves and we got together and just started laughing.“What went wrong, or not even wrong,” she said, “but what wasn’t meant to be was he was focusing on his music”—in Slash’s old studio in their basement—“and I was upstairs reading. K., well, listen, you’re going to finish this song and I’m going to Washington and I’ll see you Monday, and then I’d come back and we wouldn’t discuss what he wrote in the studio and we wouldn’t discuss what I learned in Washington, and then two weeks later it would be, O.

And then they became one, making for a media carnival. She said she didn’t speak to him for a year and a half after leaving him, in 2002. I went through a change in my life and started paying more attention to the news and learning about other countries and becoming more politically active.”In 2001, while researching her role in the story of a refugee-aid worker, she volunteered for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (U. K., I’m going to Sierra Leone and Tanzania.…“And so in a year I became who I am today, very much, and he became who he is today, and it was just totally different paths in life, and then we just looked at each other one day and we had nothing to say to each other.”‘There’s this huge space between us, and it keeps filling up with everything we don’t say to each other,” says Mrs.

It seems her son is now her “Madness”; she also calls him “Khmer,” “for the Cambodian people,” and “My Love,” “which is probably very telling,” she says. “They downplay the individual, which is kind of a problem.” Maddox also had a Mohawk. (They wed at the Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel, in Las Vegas, in May of 2000.) They split a few months after bringing him home—he was then 11 months old—amid rumors of Thornton’s infidelity on the road with his band (the Billy Bob Thornton Band), rumors he has said were false.

She recently attended her first parent-teacher conference at his pre-school. “I remembered being sent to the principal’s office, so the idea made me “He had a helicopter necklace, but that’s not O. He travels with her everywhere and was somewhere in the hotel as we spoke, being watched by an assistant who seemed very responsible.‘A lot of [people] have asked, Are you looking for a father? “I don’t think they are untrue,” Angie was quoted saying at the time.“He wasn’t, uh, ready” for adopting a child, she told me, “but, uh, he sent me his love.

“You had to trust each other to cross under or over and only move when the other person moves, so the trust, when somebody’s got a loaded gun at your back.… “A lot of [the movie] is metaphors,” she told me.‘I love my wife,” Mr.

Smith says to a marriage counselor, “but there are times—” He clenches his fists in the air in frustration.

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” I asked.“I think we were pretty evenly matched,” she said.

During the filming of the movie, a scandal erupted over the question of whether Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had had an offscreen romance, possibly contributing to the January 7 breakup of Pitt’s marriage to the actress and former star Jennifer Aniston.“It’s obviously been difficult with all this bullshit going on,” said Angie.“Eyewitnesses,” the trusty sources of tabloids, were quoted as saying that Pitt admired Angie’s political activism and was very attentive to Maddox on the set.

Which could just mean he’s a nice guy.“I’ve been tied to everybody I ever worked with,” Angie said resignedly.

She’s slender in jeans and a silky tunic with a pattern of naked women on it, which she says she bought at a London sex shop, Coco de Mer. A soft black shawl keeps slipping from her bare left shoulder, where there’s a tattoo of a dragon and a smudge of makeup covering up the shadow of the lasered-away name “Billy Bob.”“When you said you sleep with men in hotel rooms, I was like, Oh, yeah, I do that,” I say.“Exactly, thank you,” says Angelina, 29, who says she prefers to be called Angie.“Because what else are you going to do? She adopted a son, Maddox, now three, from a Cambodian orphanage in 2002. We have much to talk about—her new movie and what does she know about the breakup of Hollywood’s “Golden Couple”?

; and is there a shared Nobel Peace Prize with Bono in her future (since 2001 she’s been a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)?

“At the end of the day, it’s: Can they work as a team? ”She and her co-star, Brad Pitt, did while preparing for the movie, she told me.

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