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It was unclear how Juneau’s acknowledgement over her sexuality could influence the political dynamics in her bid to unseat Republican U. For the most part, voters will follow that mantra when it comes to LGBT candidates, said Michael Mc Call, the political director of the Coming Out Project for the Victory Fund, a nonpartisan political action committee focused on supporting gay and lesbian office seekers.

“While there is still unique challenges to running as an LGBT candidate, voters by and large care more about what a candidate is going to do for them,” he said.

His pick for vice president is a longtime opponent of LGBT equality who has opposed putting same-sex relationships on equal legal footing as heterosexual marriages.

Touted by its co-founders as the new nucleus the organized hate movement would gather around, the Nationalist Front (NF) is floundering.

The Commission is made up of 18 individuals covering all aspects of those who work with domestic violence victims – prosecution, victim advocacy, law enforcement, judiciary, etc.

Members volunteer their service and review two IPH events each year.

HELENA — By some accounts, the sexual orientation of Montana’s superintendent of schools, Denise Juneau, was an open secret.

Juneau’s sexuality was already common knowledge within Montana’s political circles, and it was hardly a topic of conversation during her two previous campaigns for the Office of Public Instruction.

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The Commission has received state and national attention for its work in Indian Country as well.

The Victory Fund has been in contact with Juneau’s campaign, one of 25 congressional campaigns involving LGBT candidates, Mc Call said.

Though presidential candidate Donald Trump made a few statements on the campaign trail indicating he might be in support of LGBT equality, other statements and actions have belied that.

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Juneau, considered a rising star within the state’s Democratic Party, is the first Native American to hold statewide office in Montana.

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