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didn't." Richard Grimes, universally known as Rick, is the protagonist of Image Comics' The Walking Dead who was first encountered in the first issue of the series.He gradually becomes the leader of the group, and is often faced with many leadership struggles, overcoming them and changing his mindset to prioritize safety in numbers. He searches for his wife, and son, and encounters many survivors along the way. It's one solid block of bad all boiling down to one thing... A police deputy from Cynthiana, Kentucky, awakens from a coma to find the world infested with zombies.He wakes up, having been knocked out by the blow to the head, and sees that he is in the house of his old next door neighbors.He is greeted by a man named Morgan Jones, who explains that he and his son Duane Jones have taken refuge in the house.

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The series is meant to follow his life for the approximate 300-issue run.

Rick experienced an average childhood, where he grew up alongside his younger brother Jeffrey, his father was a noble man who taught him about the moral lessons of bravery and integrity to where Rick inherited his personal moral code from.

He acts as the main instigator in the war against the Saviors and years later, leads the network of communities against the Whisperers threat.

Rick is one of the three remaining members of the Atlanta group of survivors.

After Lori dropped out of her first year in college, she returned to Cynthiana, where they could finally develop their relationship.

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