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This kind of work schedule can easily push you closer to a work colleague and away from your spouse. Protect your marriage from this by putting your marriage out there.Wear your wedding ring with pride, constantly bring your partner in the middle of conversations at work, "My spouse was telling me that...Soon, you are kissing, having sex with this friend.Protect your marriage from this by knowing that once you get married, friendships have to be clearly defined.Keep a photo of your family/spouse in your office and as your phone's wallpaper.Above all, make time for your spouse, even as you work so hard.Keep good communication channels between the two of you, if there are problems in your marriage talk it out amongst yourselves, not to an an outsider.If that is difficult, then talk to a reputable spiritual leader or a professional counselor or someone of the same gender as you; not someone of the opposite gender who can easilly get close and feelings emerge, distracting you from working on your marriage. "The Neighbor" David, a man after God's own heart fell this way. Watch yourself, so that you don't fall for that neighbor hanging clothes outside on the line, washing the car, bending while doing house chores, walking in a loose leso with no bra, dressed in shorts or a vest showing muscles.

There are nine types of people a married person needs to be aware of and keep boundaries to protect themselves from. They take her in, buy her things, promise to change her life, pay her tuition fees, pay her rent, buy her a car.

, and WDJ; we deliver the party live and direct to your speakers.

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Introduce your friends to each other, avoid meeting friends of the opposite gender in private venues, keep no secrets from your spouse. "The attractive stranger" This is that person some meet in a club when drunk, or that repair man who comes to fix something at home when you are home alone.

It could that stranger you bump into in your work travels or when outside the country.

You might feel a thrill talking with this new person since your spouse is old news, you've known pretty much everything about your spouse. Only a fool would abandon a marriage that has stood for years for a complete stranger.

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