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I found that quick pans of the camera resulted in pixelation of the image, but if you stick to talking head-style video, it works OK (Figure B).

Figure B You can download Qik for EVO 4G in the Android Market.

For the EVO 4G launch, Qik teamed up with Sprint to create a version of its app specifically for video calling.

The app comes in two flavors: a free version and a premium version with advanced features for a .99 monthly fee.

Other than that, fring is very similar to Qik as far as video calling goes.

To make a video call with fring: Figure C I have found the video quality with fring (Figure D) to be much better than with Qik — part of this is due to the smaller video window that fring uses.

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Thankfully things were cleared up surrounding it so that expected owners of the HTC EVO 4G are going to be able to still put on a big smile on their faces when they get their handsets in a few days.The HTC EVO 4G is going to be the first smartphone widely available in the U. with two-way video chat, but there has been some question about whether this will cost extra.Qik, the company that’s responsible for this service, has promised that it won’t.Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy went on the record to say that “the core features of 2-way video chat and live video sharing from phone to phones, web, desktop will be free.What we'll be rolling out are optional premium features that users can subscribe to.” So that pretty much sums up what that .99 monthly charge will be about, but it's still not made known as to what exactly will these optional premium features present to users., one thing that was always shown to represent the "future" was video calling.

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