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But soon after, Gee Lee and Vernon got up again, having some more angry words, being two or three feet apart. 39 41; The Brisbane Courier, Monday, 21 March 1870, p.Gee Lee suddenly seized a knife from the table, and then picked up the stool again and walked after Gee Lee four paces, when the stool dropped from his hands, and he broke down and fell to the floor dead. 6)Jacky Whitton was charged at the Toowoomba Circuit Court on 31 January 1870 "with committing an indecent assault on Henrietta Reiss, a girl about 13 years of age, at Bodumba, on the 6th December last." Henrietta had left home early on the morning of 6 December to go to the head station of Bodumba, a distance of four or five miles, and arrived there at 11 a.m.; she started home again about 2 p.m., and when about a quarter of a mile from the head station she saw an Aborigine, commonly known as Jacky Whitton, sitting on a log; he greeted her, but then made some very low remarks to her; she made no other reply than saying she was going home to her mother, but got frightened and turned back to go to the head station. Goodrich, Henrietta's stepmother, who found that she had been grossly assaulted and had several bruises about her person.After washing his hands, knife and hat in a bucket of water, Gee Lee was bound by the other men. He followed her, and when he came to her he caught her in his arms and carried her away to a gully not far off and raped her there. Whitton, who left the station, was arrested some fourteen days later at Franklyn Vale, 140 miles from Leyburn, and partly admitted committing the crime.Gee Lee was charged with murder and was tried and convicted at the Toowoomba Circuit Court on 2 February 1870. She afterwards went to the station and reported the crime to Mr. He was convicted of rape and sentenced to death on 31 January 1870. 40-41; The Brisbane Courier, Monday, 10 January 1870; Tuesday, 1 February 1870; Monday, 21 March 1870, p.It would be nice to get proper closure on this, even if it isn’t quite the result some may have hoped for.Gee Lee was a Chinese cook at the wool scourers on Caroline sheep station on the Burenda run, in the Warrego district.Around six o'clock on the evening of 19 December 1869 several men, including Gee Lee, another Chinese labourer named Sam, Louis Vernon, and John Flynn, where just outside the wool-scourer's hut, sitting at a table.Gee Lee was engaged in a fierce argument with Louis laid down the billy, and sat down again.

I say “almost”, because there are a few matters that remain half-open, not least of which is the matter of Reynolds’ family apparently denying that the photo was of him.Her body was considerably bruised, covered over with contusions, two wounds on the side of the head. 794)On 29 March 1870, John Regan and his 16-year-old wife, Emma, from Hagley, along with her younger sister, Ellen Lyncham (aged about 11 or 12), had driven into Launceston in a chaise-cart, to get Regan's money out of the bank, and made their way back home in the late afternoon.Annie had died from the multiplicity of injuries and suffocation by clay being packed in her mouth. On the place of murder, a hat and a European pipe was found, which belonged to Ah Pew. When they reached Ashburner's at about half past eight, Regan asked his sister-in-law to hold the reins and he sat in the cart with his wife.Jacky Whitton was hanged at the Toowoomba Gaol at 8 a.m. 6), on the 2nd January, 1870, feloniously and with malice aforethought, killed and murdered one Patrick Hartnett." On the morning of Monday, 3 January 1870, three lads who were rowing down the Brisbane River discovered the dead body of a man lying on a ledge of mud-covered rocks, about ten yards from an old boat-shed, near the residence of Mr. The body was quite naked, and had a rope around the neck, and some stones tied in front of the body.The man had been killed only several hours before, by several heavy beatings with a tomahawk, crushing all bones of the skull. The body was identified as that of Patrick Hartnett, a carpenter, who had resided at Parcell's Brunswick Hotel, home and passed Prendergast's home on his way back.Annie did not return in the evening, and her father searched for her almost all night, and commenced again with others at daybreak the following morning.

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