Sayings about internet dating


Nebraska [Lincoln] Picture a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

You take off your coat and throw it on a polar bear, but you miss your mark.

If you have a better idea for remembering the capital, go with it! If you'd rather try learning the capitals and states using a song, click here.

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Wyoming [Cheyenne] Picture a flock of homing pigeons flying to see Ann, who is very shy. Shy Ann = Cheyenne Alaska [Juneau] Picture an Eskimo by his igloo, holding a calendar turned to June.

Illinois [Springfield] Picture a field of springs bouncing up and down.

Indiana [Indianapolis] Picture an Indian juggling apples for us.

The kitty is dancing and singing because it is in show business.

Nevada [Carson City] Picture a car out in the sun with a kitty on top. New Mexico [Santa Fe] Picture a new mexican hat, (sombrero) with Santa Clause dancing around it.

Tennessee [Nashville] Picture a tennis player smashing a pill over the net.

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