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“I remember thinking that us standing out like a sore thumb, which should be making us feel weird and insecure, is actually helping.People are gonna remember our performance because it looks different and feels different,” says Tegan.At last week’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto they performed for screaming 13-year-olds alongside “proper” pop stars including Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes.

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Sara’s speaking voice is a little higher, her looks more pixieish.“I’m not saying it’s not important when we speak out about the LGBT community or our outrage and horror at this massacre, but we speak out all the time,” says Sara. The voices that are absent are the ones that could really have an impact.In the music industry I think of hip hop, country music and certain rock music.It makes me feel sad, in the wake of what’s happened, that the people in the music that we as a gay culture are influenced by are not necessarily the ones coming out in support. They need to hear from their role models.” The day after the shooting last month they stayed at home in LA, where they live 15 minutes apart, watching the spontaneous vigils around the world.The following day, they shot a video for their new song Faith of Heart in which all the lead actors are transgender young people. “They were so inspiring, because they’re so young and excited and empowered. “So many questions feel like they infantilise us: ‘Do you live together? ’ No, we f**king do not,” says Sara, the younger by eight minutes.

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