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At first I wanted so bad for my brother to say he was joking, but he wasn’t. Cameras are there, but I was in such a daze, I didn’t even see them. That’s why I didn’t bring up being in the Army at first. In turn, I wanted viewers to see that first and then go, "Oh, he also served in the Army and in Iraq and was an infantryman." The demographic for "The Real World," I wanted them to see that it’s not only our demographic, it’s our generation over there serving.When I watched the episode you’ll see tonight for the first time it was like watching someone else. When I was first in Iraq, I wasn’t even old enough to drink in America. If I could go back in time, I’d do the exact same thing because the Army molded me the way I am.Now, it's not a season unless there's a dysfunctional relationship or two.However, some couples were more horrible than others. He just sounded so down in the dumps, I had never heard him like that! I wanted people to know that even though, yes, I was in the military, and yes, I was a front-line infantryman, I turned out alright.He told me he got the letter I'd been dreading and everything just changed. Everything disappeared, Scott, the cameras, I was just absorbed in that phone call. But they’re there all the time and that was near the end of my experience so I knew the rules. You can go and do things over there and see things you wouldn’t want other people to see, but you can turn out alright.If I see someone doing something wrong, I’ll speak up more. I’m glad they showed the good sides and bad sides of me because I’m human and I know I make mistakes.This time around, I’m not doing it for the career -- I got out for a reason. I’m going to make sure I make it back and I’m going to make sure everyone around me makes it back. I was very happy with the episode you’re going to see tonight.

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When you watch The Real World: Brooklyn, you have to keep a significant time delay in mind. We don’t hear why, but we can assume it’s because he would maybe save the rest of us hopeless bastards from the terrors of caffeine and condoms. Then, Ryan invites some of the roommates to a screening of his final film at the New York Film Academy, titled No More Tomorrow. Weirdly, every single one of the roommates is there, and nobody says anything that makes us want to punch them through the television. Ryan’s brother calls to tell him that he’s expected to report to Fort Jackson in February and, at first, Ryan plays it off like it’s a really terrible joke, though it’s more like he’s trying to convince himself of that fact. Then his face just falls and his voice goes dead-inside and he hangs up the phone.

(He's scheduled to go back on April 15.) Last week, he phoned in from Camp Shelby, Miss., where he's training with other military members of the Individual Ready Reserve, to explain how he's adjusted to the unexpected situation and why he feels lucky to have been selected to be on the umpteenth iteration of an MTV reality show. We’re training, actually, it's re-training for all the IRR guys who’ve been out of the Army for a few years.

We’re just running through weapons systems, shooting weapons, getting back into the mode, taking classes, just trying to remember everything.

This many years into the war, I wanted people to remember, especially younger people, that it’s us over there. Knowing what you know now, would you do anything differently? If I’d never joined the Army, I would probably have gone to college, I’d probably be sitting at a desk and there would be millions of people that would never have heard of me. In one episode, you told your roommates, “We’re not the world’s Army.

It’s been five years and I’m sick of seeing news about celebrities going to rehab or Angelina adopting a new baby, and oh, by the way, two soldiers died in Iraq today. We need to stop fighting for other countries.” How do you feel about having to go back to Iraq? Obviously, America’s got plenty of problems on its own, whether it’s economy or the borders or other issues.

How satisfied are you with how you’ve been portrayed on "The Real World"? They really showed a lot of things I got involved in with the veterans.

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