Rob kristen dating officially


I think that's part of the mystery -- why is she acknowledging it now?

So what's your take on both Stewart and Sanders' statements to ?

What everyone is calling out is what's accurate -- that it's strangely authentic-sounding.

So why make any statement at all, authentic or otherwise? They ran her statement with the barest of facts, and no editorializing on the nature of the affair.

Roughly how many gallons of alcohol do you think Stewart's PR team is going to go through after today? The nice thing is that, from here on out, she's not going to do interviews until she has to.

She's not going to comment, so all they can do is say "no" right now.

It can be recalled that Pattinson has quickly moved on with FKA Twigs after breaking up with her.

According to Gossip Cop, while calling all the mocking and revenge rumors, the source has confirmed that Stewart and Soko are officially dating.

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wherein he apologized for the pain caused to his wife (model Liberty Ross) and their two young children.

What's interesting is that neither statement goes for the traditional "This is a very difficult and personal time and I ask everyone to respect my family's privacy." This feels like something she may have conceivably written herself.

Those statements are always worked over by a team of people.

“Twilight” actress and Robert Pattinson’s former girlfriend Kristen Stewart has finally moved on to a new relationship.

Stewart is happily involved with French singer and actress Soko.

It also helps set them up as the ones to talk to her as the scandal unfolds. I'm sure it adds fuel to the fire for those who assumed that Kristen was Rob's beard for the past several years.

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