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If you are concerned with your home's security or you want to get peace of mind about the people you hire to clean or repair your home, babysit your children or care for your elderly relatives, a hidden camera can be an ideal investment.Logitech, well known for PC peripherals (including consumer and business webcams), has announced its latest product, the Logitech TV Cam HD.Let's take a quick look at what makes this product special, and why no one has previously managed to obtain viral adoption with a living room VC product.\n\n Living room videoconferencing has always been a question of \"when\", not \"if\" it will be in every home.For some homeowners, the main reason to install a hidden camera is to be able to identify a burglar in the event of a home break-in.For others, there is a security issue, restraining order or another circumstance that makes them feel unsafe in their own home.

I chatted with Joerg Tewes (Logitech VP Digital Home Business Group) to learn about this new product and Logitech's plans for our living rooms.Finally, a hidden cam can be used to ensure that cleaning staff or other in-home employees are not engaging in any illegal behavior or even stealing while they work in your residence.Another issue that many homeowners want clarification on is the legality of installing covert cameras within the home.Once these issues are addressed, the use of covert cameras in the home can certainly be a smart move for safety, security and peace of mind.The first way to determine whether a covert camera makes sense in your home is to think about what the reason is behind the installation.Logitech's previous entry in this space, the Google TV Revue arguably suffered from all of these issues.

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